Korean F4 Kim Bum To Go To Philippines (Confirmed!!!); While Yoon Ji Hoo Got Karma?


Yeah, the star of 'Dream' airing on SBS, also known as Yi Joong on the hit Korean drama series 'Boys Over Flowers' is going to go here, as in here in the Philippines, so everybody let's clap our hand for that. And that is already confirmed. He will visit this country to volunteer in an activity to help needy orphans. OMG, I am an orphan too, needy too? Not sure of it... well I need him so that's make me a needy orphan too...

Now, I am so amazed with him, he is the only Korean F4 who is not scared in A(H1N1). And speaking of that virus, one of the members of Korean F4 named Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo suffered from the said virus so that's why he was absent in '2009 Seoul International Drama Awards'. He did not want to go here because of A(H1N1) then now he has it, and that's what we called "What goes around, comes around..." in short it is a so-called KARMA

Before coming here, he will go to Japan and then to England for some photo shoots. He'll be in Japan for some fanmeetings in 5 Japanese cities as a Singer. His management wants him to be a Singer to earn more popularity, so that's cool.

But wait, I heard some bad news about him, some said he is now becoming "arrogant" after he earned so much popularity via 'Boys Over Flowers'. I don't think he is, maybe he is enjoying it, knowing he was a super small star before, he is just paying his self for the hard work that he did to achieve what he has now. In a recent interview, he said...

"I heard about the rumor and though I found it unfair, there must be a reason this rumor started. Smoke can't come out of a house without fire and I will try to understand why people are saying this about me. I acknowledge that this rumor did not come out of nowhere and I'll try to reflect on what might've started this rumor. I am not perfect and if I ever acted immature, cold-hearted, or rude, I want to say sorry.

"I don't like the fact that people who have never met me make up lies about me."

Oh don't worry Kimmy Bum-Bum-Pow dear, I am here to understand you and also to understand the misundertood things about you, but this poor byx just wants your hmmm... earthworm. Oh I love it, can't wait to go to Seoul with Boo...

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