Korea Has Now Billborad Chart


The pillars, mentors, icons and geniuses of OPM (Original Pinoy Music) will be sad beacuse it is confirmed that there will be a Billboard Korea. I am so happy for them 'cause they deserve it, K-Pop is a hit all over the region even Perez Hilton loves it. So sad to know that our country still produces cover, cheezy and boring songs.

Billboard publisher Howard Appelbaum stated:

"Billboard has successfully launched in major territories such as Japan, Turkey and Russia, and Billboard Korea is the perfect way to expand the brand's ongoing international efforts.

"South Korea is a key music market, and we're thrilled to be working with ViewLife and KEPA to bring new and exciting digital/mobile products as well as Billboard charts -- the measure of success in music -- to this country."

"This will be the stepping stone to for us take Korean music to the world," KEPA chairman Jung Dae Ahn has expressed. "KEPA will be able to provide its artists with a larger market and a greater vision in a more efficient and realistic method."

Photo by Billboard

Source: Reuters


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