Kanye West Wants Some Lights!!!


OMG, what happened to Kanye West, did he need some medic#nes or what? Or maybe he just wanted to caught our attention, he wanted to have some lights.

Kanye showed up on the stage on 'MTV Music Video Awards 2009', next to Taylor Swift while the latter made her speech, yeah he interrupted the moment of Taylor. Taylor won the Best Female Video for her MV 'You Belong With Me'. According to Kanye, Beyonce was more deserving than Taylor for her MV 'Single Ladies', maybe he has rights, that's his opinion. But for me, that was not the best place for him to burst.

Taylor is too young to experience it. She is talented, and I love her so much. She desetves some respect and that was her moment. Though, Kanye already said "sorry"> to everyone. Hmmm... Taylor did handle it gracefully she even performed the song 'You Belong With Me' minutes after the said circus.

Beyonce is so sweet, when she accepted the Best Video Award she asked Taylor to come out and have her moment again.

"Wow, this is amazing, I remember being 17-years-old and up for my first MTV award with Destiny's Child. It was one of the most exciting moments in my life. So, I'd like for Taylor to come out and have her moment."

Pink showed her support for dear Taylor. Tweeted:

"Kanye West is the biggest piece of sh#t on earth. Quote me, my heart goes out to Taylor Swift. She is a sweet and talented girl, and deserved her moment. She should know we all love her."

Photo and Source: Billy Johnson, Jr's Hip-Hop Media Training (via Yahoo! Music)


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    hi byx mark here. . . kanye west needs to grow up this is not the first time kanye did this i remember back in 2006 kanye interrupted panic at the disco while accepting their award. . .
    poor taylor swift. . .

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    @mark salamat and tama

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