Full Music Video of 'Kiss' By Dara With Lee Minho Is Now OUT!!!


When I see the full music video, OMG, it was so fantastic, amazing, sweet and romantic. Money, money and more money are involved. It was a fab commercial, love the sports car they used.

I love the yummy and hunky dress wore by Minho on the concert scene. I think the ring scene is so romantic. Love the attitude and fashion of Dara there, a different Dara, I must say. Oh my Minho is so damn yummy, OMG, my Boo will hate me so much. But that's okay he is not a loyal reader of this bloggy blog, can't understand much my Languages used here. But my Sunbae knows that Minho is one of mah crush-s.

For you to see the Full Music Video, CLICK HERE!!!


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