Coco Martin Wins Best Supporting Actor Of 'Urian Awards 2009' For The Film 'Jay'


This is the most colorful week for Coco Martin. First, he experienced "mall shows" not once but twice. Second, her acting performance on 14 September2009 Episode of the hit TV series 'Tayong Dalawa'. Third, his accident on the shooting of the said TV series. Fourth, his next TV show 'Nagsimula Sa Puso' (also 'Agimat') after the success of 'Tayong Dalawa'.

There is one more, it is a breaking news, I got it from someone, he wins Best Supporting Actor for the Indie Film 'Jay', starring Baron Geisler and him, for 'Urian Awards 2009'. This year's Best Supporting Actress is Aleera Montalla for the Indie Film 'Yanggaw'.

So congrats, he really deserves it. It is his time to shine!!!

Mylene Dizon wins Best Actress for the film '100' while Ronnie Lazaro bags the Best Actor Award for the Indie Film 'Yanggaw', and said:

"27 years ko itong hinangad!"

The award-winning director of 'Serbis' Dante Mendoza wins the Best Director award. And the said film is this year's Best Picture!!!

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