'Big Brother' 101: First Housemates



So if Nene Tamayo was the First Pinoy Big Brother' Winner, then who was the very first Winner of the reality show 'Big Brother'.

And here is the second batch of reality facts called as First Housemates:

All BB1 Netherlands unless stated otherwise

First Ever Housemates: 16th September 1999: 9 - Bart Spring in 't Veld; Bianca Plune; Karin van Elswijk; Martin Jonkman; Maurice de Back; Ruud BĂ©nard; Sabine Wendel; Tara van den Bergh & Willem Boomsma
1st Housemates To Had S-ex: Bart Spring in 't Veld and Sabine Wendel
1st Housemate to be evicted: Martin Jonkman (23rd September 1999).
1st Housemate to voluntarily leave: Tara van den Bergh (25th September 1999).
1st Housemate forcibly removed: Nicholas Bateman (17th August 2000, BB1 UK).
1st Replacement Housemate: Mona Rooth-de Leeuw (30th September 1999).
1st Winner: Bart Spring in 't Veld (30th December 1999).
1st Female Winner: Angelica Freij (15th December 2000, BB1 Sweden).
1st Gay Winner: Brian Dowling (27th July 2001, BB2 UK).
1st Celebrity Winner: Jack Dee (19th March 2001, CBB1 UK).
1st Celebrity Female Winner: Galilea Montijo (28th July 2002, VIP1 Mexico).
1st Non-Celebrity to win Celebrity BB: Chantelle Houghton (27 Jan 06, CBB4 UK).
1st (only) Housemate to win twice: Jill Liv Nielsen (BB1 Denmark & All Stars Denmark)

I will give you more realuty facts as we welcome the next batch of Housemates of 'Pinoy Big Brother Double Up'.


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