'Big Brother' 101: The Birth


More than a decade ago, when John de Mol and his team created the original idea of 'Big Brother'. The said original idea is now being called as 'The Golden Cage'. On 16 September 1999, the very first 'Big Brother' was born in Netherlands via the TV station Veronica. It did run for 106 days ended on 30 December 1999.

Exactly 10 years after, the said reality show is now being franchised (expanded) by almost 100 countries and territories. It is now being called as The Most-Expanded Reality Show.

And here is the first batch of reality facts:

First Big Brother: Netherlands - 16th September 1999.
First Big Brother 2: Netherlands - 13th September 2000.
First Big Brother 3: Germany - 27th January 2001.
First Big Brother 4: Netherlands - 14th September 2002.
First Big Brother 5: Spain - 15th September 2003.
First Big Brother 6: Spain - 5th September 2004.
First Big Brother 7: Spain - 20th October 2005.
First Big Brother 8: Spain - 8th September 2006.
First Big Brother 9: Spain - 9th September 2007.
First Big Brother 10: Spain (*) - 21st September 2008.
First VIP/Celebrity: Netherlands - 22nd May 2000.
First All Stars: Sweden - 20th January 2002.
First Teen: UK - 30th July 2003.

Note (*) - Although 'BB10 USA' aired before GH10 Spain, as BB7 USA was an All-Star edition, Spain is the first country to air 10 main editions.

More reality facts coming....



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