Bad Comments For Jung Yunho's Performance On 'Heading to the Ground'


The new actor Jung Yunho received bad comments and reactions on his performance on the first episode of his first TV drama series 'Heading to the Ground', airing on MBC.

Some Koreans said his acting is still raw and awkward, but many still give him credit for the effort to think he is a newbie.

Last Tuesday, a day before the Premiere, he posted on the show's messageboard:

“watch with affection despite my weaknesses.”

So he is kinda saying that he is still raw. But the good thing about this guy, is that he is humble and eager to learn more and to improve. He said on an interview after the premiere of his show...

“I was excited but watched the episode with a calm mind, and checked [my acting] meticulously. I could see a lot of my own inadequacies, and deliberated carefully about how to improve.

“As my first time acting it’s very difficult and tiring, but I’m filming to the best of my ability.

“I rate myself at 0 points, and I’ll mature along with my Bong-kun character.”

So goodluck and more power to you Yunho!!!

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