'Star Magic Ball 2009': Maricar Reyes Is Moving On...


Here is the continuation of 'Star Magic Ball 2009': Updates And Happenings

Like I said, it is so nice to see Maricar Concepcion is moving on. Photos by Alyanna Martinez. Look at her, she's so fab...

Pretty faces are on the next photos, credit to Shaina Garcia. Pretty in love, pretty Shaina Magdayao is with her elegant boyfriend John Pratts. Pretty to be Kapamilya, it is so wonderful to see Shaina with her sister Vina, friends, and of course her love John Pratts.

So this will be my last for this day, for this month, so Advanced Merry, Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Photos 1-3 by Alyanna Martinez

Photos 4 and 5 by Shaina Garcia


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