'Big Brother', Goodbye?


Is the hit reality show 'Big Brother' going to say GOODBYE!!! to all of us?

It is a sad news but it is a reality, according to the reports of Inside Big Brother, the UK version of The Most-Expanded Reality Show will have its super final episodes few days from now. The announcement will be made as early as Friday this week.

Currently, 'Big Brother 10' is running, and days from now, a new winner will be announced, and this will mean of the the show's finale which was started on 2010. Actually , there are still 2 seasons for the UK version (Celebrity 2010 and Summer 2010, but Channel 4 have reportedly decided not to renew their contract with makers Endemol (Brighter Pictures) beyond 2010.

The main reason of their decision is the poor audience, low ratings, only 2 millions are still watching this show.

They said:

“The reality is people are BORED with it. Even at Channel 4 the vibe among staff is that if you like Big Brother you’re not cool.

“If the people commissioning the show don’t think it’s cool, what hope is there?”

'Big Brother (UK)' became a huge success, but like us, there will be a finale...

UPDATE: The show will end next summer season, READ HERE!!!

For more news about this buzz, just simply go to Inside Big Brother

Photo by dailymail.co.uk

Source: Inside Big Brother


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