'14th Asian TV Awards' Has 2 NEW Awards!!!


Yes, four months from now, '14th Asian Television Awards' will be celebrated with 2 new awards.

Yes, there will be 2 new awards, in order to keep the Awards current and incorporate the latest programming trends. The 2 new awards are:

*Best Cross-Platform Content
*Best Achievement in HD (High Definition)

So starting this year there will be 33 awards. And the winners will be announced at the 'Asian Television Awards 2009' Gala Dinner held in Singapore on 3 December, 2009.

And speaking of HD, ABS-CBN is now ready for their HD channel. The (ABS-CBN) channel 2 is for the Standard TV format while the HD channel (ABS-CBN Digital TV or simply DTV) Channel 19, I think, is of course for the fab and digital viewing. I think if you are not using LCD/Plasma TV then you need to buy the HD set box

Image by ABS-CBN Digital TV (via Flickr)

Source: Asian TV Awards


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