'The RPG Movie'


During the Level Up! Live 2008 Gaming conference held at WTC, Pasay, a film trailer was shown.

The film title is 'The RPG Movie', the First Full 3D-Animated Feature Filipino Film.

The story is about a boy and his adventures with his friends in the cyber world of online games.

Of course I was so amazed, it looks like a Hollywood 3D-animated film. This film is produced by Star Cinema and Ambient Media and based on the video it will be shown sometime this year!!!

Kudos to all Filipino Animators but the question is why this film doesn't have any updates or news (if this will be shown this year)? Even their site (therpgmovie.com), doesn't have any infos about the film's playdate.

Maybe the film will be released next year. Hopefully, let's just pray because this is a very big thing in Philippine Cinema!!!

Here is the trailer. The music heard on this video is live (played by Gerard Salonga and Filharmoniks).

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    July 21, 2009 at 12:21 PM | Permalink

    hi poh lam nyu ba na mayroon nanamang movie na cartoon na ipapalabas title ay fly aswang producer ata nito ay c imee marcosmas maganda pa 2 kesa sa urduja at dayo tignan inyo sa youtube meron trailer tsaka meron pang cartoon series title ay jobert sa youtube dn ko napanood yung trailer nito parang maganda dn ito please suport pinoy anime tnx

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